Wednesday, May 2

The iPod killed the radio star

I realized yesterday that I hadn't listened to the radio in forever (or approximately since I got my iPod). I have no idea what the current popular songs are, and I have totally lost touch with the current musical zeitgeist. I tuned in to my former favorite station to find some ass-clowns babbling about their ratings and why everyone listened to them, so I quickly flipped to my next favorite station, which promptly played Welcome to the Jungle, followed by Pink Floyd. Upon flipping back to the aforementioned favorite, I discovered they were still talking, so I turned to the third on my list of former haunts, and at last! someone was playing a relatively new song, though I still knew all the words.

Radio has failed me, people. Have I missed anything? Is their new music that will change my life? Or should I just stick to my already awesome musical collection?

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