Thursday, July 19

Both participant and observer

Rounding out our tour of all things Seattle, Melanie and I hit the Olympic Sculpture Park earlier this week. (Okay, so we also made a brief attempt to bring some joy to the suck-fest that is Safeco Field. Alas, not even our awesomeness combined with the presence of Kevin Millar could make that place palatable. Our string of annoying Mariners fans continued with presence of Jose! guy. Yes, all he did during the game was scream Jose! at Guillen, who would not turn around because, he was, you know, playing baseball. Bygones.) We walked around the park on a nice day and saw some pretty cool sculptures, though I'm not much for modern art and its "filling the void/engaging and speaking to nature" crap. Perre's Ventaglio III was my favorite, though I have no idea what it means. I just like shiny things.

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