Friday, July 20

Technological advancement

As a blogger, there are many good things about dating a fellow blogger. They understand when you say things like, "I have to blog this." Or when you've taken too long a hiatus from the internet, they understand your guilt. Sometimes you get to bicker amicably about who gets to blog what. Good times. In addition, when your archives are broken because new-fangled Blogger doesn't want to do things the way it used to and you're wringing your hands and weeping and moaning, your boyfriend is there to say things like, "Do you want me to write you a new Javascript, honey?" Yes, yes, I do. And now my archives are fixed, and I don't have to change my template, and I don't have to switch to Blogspot, and all's right with the world.

You didn't even notice they were broken, did you? Bitches.

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