Wednesday, July 11

It's all new to me

David and Lisa and I took in the sights yesterday -- you know, the Space Needle -- and I got to walk around the city with other people who didn't know it, so I felt kind of like a tourist in my own town. Good times. I even gave the finger to some guy honking at us because we were crossing without the light. It felt almost like being in Boston again. Bygones. J.R. met us for lunch at the Baguette Box, which Lisa had read about on the internet. Thank god for the internet, because that was some seriously yummy shit. J.R. and I continued our disgusting trend of ordering the same thing and got the crispy drunken chicken sandwich and fries. Whoa. The bread was, as expected, heavenly, and the chicken was a little spicy but in a good way. On the whole, a lot of food, so go hungry.

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