Friday, July 13

My old addiction

I can't stop watching HGTV. At first it was all innocent -- I needed decorating ideas. Tips. But now it doesn't matter what show it is -- I even watched the creepy Buy Me, which is narrated like a murder mystery even though it's just a typical "here's what to do to sell your property" show. And when I'm not watching HGTV (and there's not much time left over, what with Divine Design, Design on a Dime, Decorating Cents, What's It Worth, What's With That House? and more), I'm watching the WNBA on the DVR. Yup, I'm a DVR addict, too. I just go to NBA TV and record all the WNBA games and watch them when J.R. is doing other things, like working.

It may be time to get a job.

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