Saturday, July 7

That's how we roll

Life in Seattle is different. The people here have a whole relationship with North Face that I just don't understand. J.R. keeps insisting I buy a raincoat, and whenever I find a cute one, he says no, it can't be water resistant, it has to be waterproof. Not to mention that all the movie theaters here put their bathrooms outside the ticket lines -- sure, put one bathroom outside the theater area so you don't have to deal with the annoying "Can I just run to the bathroom?" but, man, you gotta have some behind the lines! I do not want to find the perfect seat in my theater, settle in with my ginormous Coke, and then make my perfectly timed run to the bathroom before the previews, only to be faced with standing in line again to show you my damn ticket. Highly inconvenient. Not to mention the problems this would raise if I actually needed to leave in the middle of the movie. Fucking Seattle. All of which is to say, I finally saw Knocked Up tonight, and it was cute, if a little heavy on the "wives are nagging bitches" humor. Ha. Ha.

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