Sunday, October 14

No better title available

Michael Clayton was fantastic. I mean, of course I love me some Clooney, but this was above and beyond. Well-acted (a terrific performance by an unnerving Tilda Swinton), well-paced, and well-written, the movie kept me riveted. I will admit that I cheated and read some reviews before we went to see this one, which was only right after that disaster with Feast of Love. One review said that the worst thing about the movie was the title; I'm not willing to even go that far. I loved it all. (Well, okay, I don't really like the Erin Brokovich title association, because it is nothing like that movie and also so much better.) Clooney really outdid himself here, I have to say. I'm almost tempted to go see it again just to watch his face change throughout the film.

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