Wednesday, October 31

Rule breaker

Yesterday, I took Melanie to Snoqualmie Falls, because after bitchin' burritos in the city, you need to return to the wild. Plus, according to Melanie, "there's so much nature here." True enough. Melanie, however, was not content to placidly view the nature from the carefully constructed boardwalks and observation decks, oh, no. She wanted to get right down in there. I, being the extreme chicken and good rule-follower that I am, tried to talk her out of it. There were signs! I pointed out. And fences! However, once we saw someone else do it, there was nothing to do but follow. Over the railing we went, down over the rocks, clinging desperately to tree roots (maybe that was just me), and then, there we were, right at the bottom of the falls. I have to admit, it was extremely cool. Melanie was very proud of herself, and I was a little proud, though I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle.

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