Friday, November 2

The hero of my own life

I finished David Copperfield. I have to admit, I always feel more accomplished when I read a classic under no duress whatsoever. Well, I did make a vow not to buy any books until I finished Copperfield, but I didn't live up to that, so if it hadn't been the excellent book it is, I'm not sure I could have abided by the "read nothing else until I finish it" rule, either. Luckily, Dickens didn't make things hard on me, and it went by much more quickly than I imagined. (I just checked All Consuming, and it has taken me roughly three weeks, which, while not amazing speed, is pretty good for an 800-page book.) Now, however, I'm a little loathe to pick up my next book. Do I keep with Dickens and move to Bleak House? Do I return to the 21st century? Poetry? Short stories? Maybe I'll give my reading muscles a break and just work on my puzzle and listen to the new Springsteen.

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