Thursday, November 29

Ever watchful

Sometimes I don't know why I watch TV. Fucking America's Next Top Model gets rid of the plus-size model because she's too big, then the chick with Asperger's because she can't communicate. It's like, "Hi, we'll let you play, but just long enough to make ourselves feel better, and then your ass is outta here." And why do I get so pissed off about ridiculous faux-reality shows? Well, the fictional shit is pissing me off, too. The Heroes writers can just stay on strike, as far as I'm concerned. Peter is suddenly a moron and, despite the return of his memory, has forgotten everything he learned last year. Suresh? Suddenly stupid (and naive) as well. And don't even get me started on the inane Bobbsey twins and the not-really-dead Sylar. Stupid. Lame. Weak!

It's enough to turn me to to DVDs forever. Waitress wasn't really what I wanted it to be (through no fault of its own), but it was funny and sweet nonetheless. Smokin' Aces wasn't as slick as it thought it was, but a surprisingly good turn by Ryan Reynolds helped, and a fabulous appearance by a whacked-out Ben Affleck was a nice touch. Also, J.R. and I started watching Bones this week. Why haven't I been watching this all along? Don't tell me it sucks now, okay? Let me live on in DVD delusion just a little bit longer.

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