Monday, November 26

Surprisingly satisfied

I found myself watching Extreme Makeover today. (And it wasn't the home edition.) Some of the people on it needed help -- a pair of sisters with cleft palates that left them with scars and horrible teeth -- but most of them were just ... average. Not great-looking, but not freaks, either. And so I got to thinking about what I would change about myself. Nose job? Brow lift? Veneers? Liposuction? And while, like just about every other woman on the planet, I'd like to be thinner and more toned, there was nothing I would alter surgically. It would be weird to not look like me; it was really weird to realize that I'm pretty okay with how I look. Sure, occasionally, I'd like to look like Keri Russell or Rachael McAdams, but for the most part, I'm happy with who I am.

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