Sunday, December 9

Good times, guaranteed

Jen, J.R., and I went to dinner at Yarrow Bay Grill last night, and it was delicious. So much good food in one week shouldn't be allowed. In addition to the seriously yummy food (they actually made a butternut squash I would eat), we were treated to boats on parade, showcasing all their Christmas lights finery. And today, we enjoyed the Patriots beating the Steelers, because, well, truthfully, because I always enjoy a win, but also because I love it when opposing teams guarantee a win. Don't they know how that turns out?

Also, I should mention that we watched Live Free or Die Hard this weekend. And we loved it. J.R. bitched and moaned about the Mac guy for awhile, but after that, it was sheer cheesy action-flick goodness. Don't fuck with John McClane, moron. Didn't you see the first three films?

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