Friday, December 7

In a dark brown voice, she said Lola

Tonight, I fell for Lola (we were trying to go to Serious Pie, but there was a serious wait, and we lucked into a table at Lola instead). May I say, wow. Also, yum, and can I please get some fat pants over here? We started with the Lola sampler, and then I moved on to a lamb burger with chickpea fries. Chickpea fries! So good I almost cried, and I really wanted to beg for the recipe for the spicy Lola ketchup. J.R. had some beef that was cooked with cranberries and feta, and smashed garlic fried potatoes (!), and that was also heavenly. We ended with the pear crostada with brown sugar ice cream. Yes, I said brown sugar ice cream. Angels wept, it was so fucking good. My diet may have also wept, but bygones. It was worth it.

Now we just have to figure out when we're going back for Serious Pie -- or more Lola. Either way.

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