Sunday, December 30

I come laden with presents

I actually received so many fabulous presents this year that I had to ship the mothers back to myself in Washington. Which would be okay, except I had to send them ground, so I won't see them until next week. Luckily, I have my pretty, pretty girl to enjoy until then -- plus all the presents J.R. and the kids got me for Christmas. Sweet! I love being loved.

In addition, my trip back to the East Coast was wonderful, and if possible, I miss everyone more than before I went. Also? The Patriots? Yeah, that would be undefeated, bitches! It was weird to watch the game on the plane ride back, but it was fun when the passengers erupted into applause when Brady and Moss broke their respective records, not to mention when we secured the win. An excellent Christmas present, boys. Many, many thanks -- and three more, just like that.

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