Friday, March 7

Bureaucracy blog

Between the IRS and the DOL, I'm having quite the week. Hard as it may be to believe, I just finally got around to getting my driver's license switched to Washington. I can't imagine why I didn't want to hang out in some creepy office with tons of other people, all irritated with waiting -- that is, the ones who weren't children waiting to get tested, all nervous and sweaty. The place was like a refugee camp -- people on the floor, on chairs, spilling over into the photo waiting area. Madness! I actually longed for the RMV, however briefly. My new photo is better than the old (though I think I look kinda stoned), but f-ing Washington requires you to put your weight on the damn thing. The lady caught me off guard, and I blurted out the truth. What a mistake. Now I've got "fatty" written on my license for the next five years. Why can't they just write "working on it" instead?

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