Friday, April 25

Culinary adventures

I had back-to-back nights out with my girls from the East Coast. Wednesday night, Amy and I went for some Serious Pie, which I must admit was seriously good. Amy tried the straight-up mozzarella pie, and I went for the cherry bomb peppers and sausage. (What nice girl from Boston turns down sausage and peppers? I ask you.) My favorite part of it all, though, was the dessert. The f-ing cannoli was delicious, light but not too light, and with just the right amount of crushed toffee on top. My only criticism was that because of the tight quarters, it was pretty loud and hard to hold a conversation.

J.R. and I followed that up with Crave on Thursday with Erica. Also extremely delicious, but in a fancier way. I was a little daring and tried the golden beet salad, and when it came out, I was so confused. It looked like my salad was garnished with raw fish, and I was all, "Was there supposed to be fish in this?" Luckily, J.R. took one for the team and tried a bite -- turns out golden beets look like raw fish. Who knew? Otherwise, holy mashed goodness, Batman -- the blue cheese smashed Yukons were so yummy. And I don't even like blue cheese.

All in all, good food and good times. And I only have to run a couple of marathons to make up for it.

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