Tuesday, June 24


Initially, I was going to snag this prompt from Slice of Pink that has you list 40 things you did this month and discuss your favorite. But then I couldn't come up with 40 things, and I felt lame. I love lists (witness), and I write little ones to myself all the time. Last year, I wrote a to-do list for settling in here -- the list included many things, like unpacking, getting a new driver's license, getting a job, etc. Well, I finally checked off that job thing last month, and I only had one other thing to do: Get new insurance. Check! I feel so accomplished. It only took me over a year. Bygones.

And so you don't feel like a I cheated you out of a list, here's some sites that I've been meaning to peruse:
Year of Creativity
Loud3r (I was initially skeptical since I'm not a fan of the dropped-e bandwagon, Flickr, Tumblr, etc., but then I saw Pitch3r, and I was intrigued.)
Plurk (mostly because of Pea)
Timeout with Title 9
Paste (Okay, that's a cheat. While I admit to browsing the mag at the bookstore because of Duff's many mentions, I just linked it because it recognized Newbury Comics as a great record store.)

And now I need to make a new list.

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