Wednesday, July 23

Paps for president

It was a nice change to see the Sox win one at Safeco tonight. Plus, it's always a pleasure to attend a game where pleasant, yet still drunken, Canadians compliment your team and assure you that they see the boys back in the Fall Classic.

After Matsuzaka let things get a little dicey in the 8th (I told Tito to take him out at pitch 99, but he didn't listen), Papelbon came in to save it all in the 9th. Since he was without his usual Fenway fanfare, the Boston fans in the bleachers cheered him on, including an adorable child in a Paps t-shirt who danced in the aisle. After the win was safely away, Sam commented on how cute the kid in the "Obama shirt" was. Now that's a ticket I'd like to see. Paps can just give any country who attempts to fuck with us the steely eyes, and then we can all go home.

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