Thursday, July 24

Hey hey hey hey

I've had the Beatles singing in my head ever since I started my little sojourn to Kansas City yesterday. I think you should all share my pain since it took me 8,000 years to actually get to Kansas City. Because when you're going to Missouri, you really want to spend most of your day in the Denver airport, which, while offering sweet free WiFi, is not a great place to chill for hours on end.

First, my flight out of Seattle was delayed. Fine. It'll be tight, but I should still make my connection. Well, now there are thunderstorms in Denver, so we have to circle around to make a different approach. And once you've done that, they're going to close the airport, so that you and your plane that is running out of fuel has to land in some godforsaken airstrip in Nebraska to gas up and wait for Denver to call the all clear. Of course, by the time that happens no way in hell are you going to make your connecting flight, JenGarrett. So then you wait at customer service, and they've nicely already rebooked you on the 8:14 flight. Okay. Sure, it's only 5:30 now, but it's better than nothing. Except that then the 8:14 flight is delayed. Until 10:30. However, the 9:27 flight is on time, but no, you can't get on that one without paying extra. Bygones. The 10:30 flight actually takes off, which is more than the poor canceled suckers going to San Francisco can say, so who am I to complain?

I was safely tucked into bed by 2 a.m. Kansas City time, so all's well that ends well, right? At least the conference has been pretty good so far.

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