Wednesday, July 30

Television for women

When I saw this blog over at Ashbloem, I immediately fell in love. Because I -- yes, I -- was also once a lover of all things Lifetime. True, this was mostly in high school when my afterschool fun consisted of going over to my friend Maggie's house and watching bad Lifetime dramas. Oh, they were so gloriously bad! My favorite, or at least the only one I still remember, was Betrayed by Innocence, which you can tell immediately from the title is fabulously, ridiculously bad. It was particularly memorable to me because Barry Bostwick was cast as the attractive older man who has an affair with a younger woman who, shall we say, misrepresents her age. Awesome! See, Barry wasn't always the goofy mayor from Spin City. Apparently, he was hot once, too. Or, at least, hot enough for Lifetime.

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