Saturday, September 13

All's well that ends well

It was the final regular-season game for the Storm tonight, and J.R. and I were pretty jazzed to see the team finish with a 16-1 home record. However, we didn't realize it would be let-your-bench-out-to-play night. That's right: no Bird, no Yo, no Cash. Nada. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that on "Fan Appreciation Night," they didn't let us see our stars one more time. True, I've got playoff tickets for next week already, but come the fuck on.

I was handling my disappointment by tempering it with pleasure over how our bench was still kicking Dream ass, when I realized that women's basketball had finally made it as a real sport: There were drunken-ass annoying fans sitting behind us. True, I didn't get beer spilled on me, but it was still remarkably close to a Fenway game.

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