Monday, February 23

Are you out there? Can you hear me?

Either I have lost my mind or someone out there is listening. I like to bitch and moan about having to watch major events (like awards shows) on f-ing tape delay, and I did that tonight, first to Jen, who called up to ask if I was the one who called Penelope Cruz "rat face," which I admit, I am. (We have issues, Penelope and I. I wish I liked her, truly, but no. Just no.) So after a brief chat with Jen, who pretty much gave away that Cruz won Best Supporting Actress, I got paranoid and checked to make sure the Oscars were actually on tape delay. Which they were not. I fucking missed the beginning of the Oscars. I've watched the Oscars in their entirety every year since I can remember. I missed the red carpet, people! The red carpet! My favorite part!

I'm all kerfaffed. My world is off-kilter. And now I have to go to E! to see the dresses. And check YouTube to see if Hugh's opening is up yet.

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