Wednesday, July 1

Spending spree

I will have whole months where I will buy virtually nothing outside of gas and groceries, and then I'll have yesterday. A book, a bag, two pairs of capri pants (the horror!), and three CDs. (Also two tomatoes and a cucumber, but that's foodstuffs.) I'm really looking forward to my new Wilco because it's Wilco, people. Also, I grabbed the Duff-recommended new Pete Yorn because I like Pete Yorn and Duff has the best taste. I also found Begonias by Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell, a disc I have been thinking about buying ever since Nick Hornby recommended it in one of his books. (You see how susceptible I am to suggestion?)

Let's not talk about the clothes shopping as it was traumatic, and yet, I felt it necessary to purchase something other than jeans before I descend on Southern California in July. Oh, did I mention I'm going to L.A. on Friday?

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