Thursday, July 23

Triple the fun

Last night, J.R. and I went to the Storm game with a bunch of friends to watch the face-off with L.A. (always an entertaining, if often frustrating game). And man, did we get our money's worth. Tied in regulation. Tied after the first overtime. Tied after the second overtime. That's right: Triple overtime! Two Storm players fouled out, one Sparks player fouled out (D-Nasty, who should have fouled out much earlier). Incredible. The Storm finally pulled away behind a trio of sweet three-pointers from Sue Bird and won, 98-87. J.R. and I were both hoarse from all the screaming (only some of it at the refs), and my hands hurt from all the clapping. Awesome game. Though I would have preferred to win in regulation by a comfortable margin, this worked as well.

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