Friday, July 24


I'm off again tomorrow, this time for a trip to Ohio via Boston. My mom just had her knee replaced (I didn't know they made spares, but this is good news for my running career), so I'm going back to help her get around. At least until we leave for Ohio, as my sister is getting married!

All told, I'm going to be gone for nearly three weeks, and I'm kind of freaked out. Aside from missing J.R., I'm going to miss my bed. And you know, the ability to wear a different pair of shoes. (I refuse to bring anything but carry-on, people. And thusly, a three-week wardrobe in a one-week bag.) It'll be great to see everyone, but it's quite the undertaking. Plus I'm still tired from my last trip. Oh, well. At least this one includes a five-way.

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