Monday, August 17

Who sent for me?

I'm back on Washington soil, and I've been sleeping pretty much straight through for the last three days. Taking care of my mom was exhausting, though I was glad I was able to be there for her. Total knee replacement is no joke, people. My sister's wedding also rocked it, and soon I shall have photos to share with the world! (Or at least my impatient family.)

I interrupted my sleeping schedule to hang out with some friends Saturday night (see how I resisted calling them J.R.'s friends?), though I did bail early so I could go back to the sleeping. (That's just how lame I am.) And last night, J.R. and I slipped out to see Funny People, which was not that funny and didn't make up for it by being all touching and shit. And I didn't like Seth Rogen in it. On the whole, a disappointment. Should have stayed asleep.

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