Wednesday, October 28

Not so creatively inclined

Erin over at named me one of her Kreativ bloggers, which was totally sweet since I haven't actually felt very creative lately. Particularly this week, since J.R. and Max are sick -- which means lots of soup and tissues and Advil -- and this sickness hath descended merely a week or so after the last bout wherein J.R. and Sam were sick. I'm feeling a little at-risk here, people, because even though my immune system rocks the house, how many times? How many times can I fend off the funk? I'm hoping at least one more time, because I really don't want to get the flu. Also, my blogging would certainly grind to an ignominious halt and Erin would retract my award, and then I'd cry. I'm supposed to do a bunch of things (like tell you seven things you don't know about me (can't even think of one, as I share far too much) and name seven other bloggers), but I've got cough syrup to dispense, people.

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