Saturday, November 21

It's the American dream of the '90s

I know the economy sucks and all, but I have to say, after awhile, you begin to take it personally. Sure, freelancing is keeping me afloat, but I miss the stability of a regular paycheck (oh, yeah, and health care). There are only so many jobs you can apply for before your ego suffers, and I believe I have reached that point. Of course, most of the time I think I'm awesome, but there are days when I'm less certain. And then there are days like today -- last night, I saw a job posted, and today, I tweaked my resume and wrote up a cover letter to apply for it. Of course, when I went to hit the "apply" button, I was informed that the job was no longer open. Fucking hell, people. At this rate, I'm going to have to seriously consider another trade. But I don't think "sit at home watching TV and playing video games" is a growth industry.

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