Thursday, November 12

What the hell happened?

My mom never let me play with guns -- not that I ever wanted to, as I was primarily a Barbie/paper doll/let-me-read-my-damn-book kind of kid. Apparently, I'm enjoying my second, alternate childhood currently, because I am playing more and more XBox. And now I'm playing the boy games. (I started out all innocent-like with Rock Band and the Lego series.) J.R. bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 last night, with the idea that we could play on campaign together the way we did with Halo. Unfortunately, the campaign is solo only -- the multiplayer function is a little different, and since neither of us had played Call of Duty before, we didn't want to jump into it. Needless to say, we were a bit frustrated. And then, J.R. went to sleep early (he's a working man), and I ended up staying up far later than I should have, figuring out how to play the damn game. And now I'm hooked. Does this officially make me a gamer? I doubt it, but I do know how to use my fake sniper rifle now.

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