Wednesday, November 4

Strangely satisfying

When one is between jobs, the little things become more important. Like a clean bathroom, for instance. Sure, most of the time I do my due diligence with the toilet cleaner and a few swipes around the sink, but every now and then I really look around (usually when I'm lounging in the tub), and I think: My bathroom is fucking disgusting. Really, all bathrooms are, but it's at times like these that you put on your oldest clothes, roll up your pants, gather all your cleaning supplies together, and attack that bathroom like a conquering warrior. There will be no dirt here! No mysterious mildew on my windowsill! I will eradicate soap scum for all mankind (or at least the master bath). It took me a few hours (and a few million scrubbing bubbles), but my bathroom is now pristine. Sure, it'll be dirty by tomorrow, but after all, tomorrow is another day.

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