Wednesday, December 16

Where you lead, I will follow

I can't quite believe it, and I'm certainly not ready to make peace with it yet, but I'm pretty sure my Xbox 360 is dead. My faithful companion through this trying "unemployment" thing, it has shown me streaming Netflix, delightful video games, and whatever DVD I wanted to jam into it at the moment. Yesterday, it was the Gilmore Girls getting me through the last of my holiday cards when the Xbox began showing signs of distress. First, the weird Andy-Warhol like color effects. Then, no picture at all. Then, tiny little dots in vertical lines down the screen. My IT guy (J.R.) has tried many a shenanigan to make it work again, but to no avail. We've already shipped the little guy off once for repair (the red rings of death), but he sees some hard use, and we can't help but wonder if it's time for a new one. (And no, I'm not happy that my white controllers won't match!)

I'm considering some kind of memorial service before I leave for Boston. Perhaps showing some clips of Halo 3: ODST or Tomb Raider: Legend -- you know, just a few of the good times that box brought me.

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