Thursday, January 7


J.R. and I went to see Up in the Air tonight (see how I'm already working on that resolution?), and it was a damn fine movie. It wasn't always what I expected (and not always what I wanted), but I cannot argue with quality. George Clooney is excellent as usual, though I think this falls below Michael Clayton, Out of Sight, and Ocean's Eleven in terms of my favorite Clooney films. I never really connected with Vera Farmiga as the leading lady, but this was George's picture from the get-go, so it wasn't a real problem. The scenes with people losing their jobs really hit home, and I'm left feeling a little sad. Not that that's a bad thing -- clearly, it's an effective movie if it stays with you afterward.

Now I need to see Sherlock Holmes -- a little escapist fantasy is totally in order, people.

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