Sunday, February 14

Going for the gold

I love the Olympics. I really do. It's one of the few times that I am blatantly and over-the-top nationalistic, plus I get to watch random sports that I would never see normally. Luge? Love it, though the track this year is scary. Skeleton? Just like luge, but face-first. Curling? Bizarre and fascinating in a slow way. Plus, I am all over Apolo Anton Ohno like you wouldn't believe. Dude has six medals (as of tonight!) and the mirrorball trophy. Also, Apolo was all fist-pumping glory even though he got the silver (of course, he was thisclose to getting nothing, so there is a reasonable cause for celebration there).

My problem is this: I can fricking spit at Canada from here. I can practically see the Olympic torch from my backyard. And yet -- and yet -- fucking NBC is airing shit on time delay. On the West Coast. It's in our time zone! Why am I not watching dramatic speed skating finishes fucking live?!? Why do I have to stay up until 1 a.m. trying to see the medal ceremonies for Apolo and the cutest little mogul skier you've ever seen, Hannah Kearney? And while I'm on that subject, why the hell didn't NBC air the medal ceremonies for Apolo and Hannah?

Hell. I'm already cranky, and it's only the first night of competition, for chrissakes. Just imagine how I'll feel once figure skating gets going.

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