Sunday, February 21

Sickly, but not in the way that's all tragic and beautiful and shit

So, the exciting news around here is: I'm sick. And I've pretty much been sick since Christmas. Call it the cold that never dies, all I know is that it is sucking my life force. The docs are a little confused, though not overly concerned, but I'm mostly just pissed. I mean, is this what I get for being a relatively healthy person all the time? Is this what I get for gloating over my superior immune system? Apparently. All I know is, I haven't had the energy to do much besides drag my sorry ass to work, come home, and watch the Olympics. And go to the doctor and get new antibiotics to try this week. Good times.

In other news, I still love me some Apolo, and while I was kind of sad to see Bonnie Blair dethroned, I was also happy for him. As for the other American stars, well, I don't know. Lindsey Vonn? Don't like her. There's something shifty about her eyes. I don't trust her. Same with the ice dancing chick who's skating with the moppet of blond hair. Don't like her, either. However, I like both of them more than I like coughing, wheezing, and general misery. It's a spectrum.

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