Friday, April 23

It's either a newfound respect for the internets, or I'm in love with blogging

All the blog changes (while, at times, irritating as hell) have given me a new love of blogging. I got all excited about the blog yesterday, and I was the dork making notes about her website on her lunch break. I've also been poking around, trying to find new blogs to read -- because, let's face it, it's reading other people's really good shit that gets us inspired to at least try to match their awesome. I found a few blogs that I'm going to be checking in on, but I'd really like to find more -- it's hard, though, because it seems that everyone is specialized into tech blogs/mommy blogs. I'm not super-techy and I'm no mommy, so I'm looking for all the good stuff that's somewhere in between. Suggestions, as always, are welcomed. Also, feel free to tell me if you hate the new design. I thought it looked most like the old while still a bit fresher. Or something.


J.R. said...

Looks great!

Erin said...

Have you read any Jen Lancaster? Her blog, her books? She is so fan-freakin-tastic. I have yet to read anything of hers that I haven't loved.

Erin said...

PS: I like the refurbished look!

Jen said...

I was reading Jen's blog for awhile, and I've stared long and hard at her books, though I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Hmm. Perhaps a site I will revisit.

Patricia Elizabeth Arriaza said...

I love Lancaster's books. I like the blog too except I tend to skip the posts when she gets political. We're definitely not on the same sides of the spectrum there. :) ... Some of the stories about the sick children bring me to tears at times but I love this blog. It's a recent find and I was immediately hooked. ... Bunch of different topics, longish writing but good.

Linking to Might Girl seems a bit like asking if you've heard about air but I like Maggie's stuff, especially the Might Closet entries.

Same goes for Fussy ,,,,

Cindy out in L.A. Random stuff, some funny, some not as funny. You just never know. :D

Uhm, I'm trying to give you links to people who post on a regular basis but that seems harder and harder to do lately.

Patricia Elizabeth Arriaza said...

Also, I like the new design. It looks great.