Monday, April 19

Some things never change

Sure, my new bike doesn't have a motor, but that doesn't mean I can't get pissed off in traffic. J.R. and I went for a nice, 15.77-mile ride on the Burke-Gilman trail yesterday, and because it was one of the few sunny days we get here in Seattle, the trail was pretty well populated with bikers, walkers, strollers, roller-bladers, etc. Thusly requiring the need to occasionally slow the fuck down and wait to pass people until it's safe.

Except for those riders who are apparently training for the Tour de France or just have delusions of Armstrong -- well, sure go ahead and pass me while I'm passing someone else and do it wicked fast, would you? Oh, and don't even bother with a "on your left" because I'm sure at that speed I wouldn't be able to hear it anyway. When some egregious bikers pulled that shit on me in the fucking tunnel, I gave them the finger. It seemed appropriate; they were bad drivers. J.R. says that's not done in the biking world, and I say, fuck that. I've got a bike now, and that's how I roll.


Erin said...

I, um, kind of loathe cyclists--not the hobby "let's just go for a fun ride in the park" kind but the kind you write about--the "I own the world 'cause I'm on a BIKE, bitch!" kind. They are All. Over. The. Place here in PDX and I have graced many of them with both my middle finger and a "there's a bike lane, asshole, learn how to use it!" shout.

Jen said...

I know! I hate them, too (especially when I'm walking), but they are just as dangerous when I'm biking. I know there are tons of nice cyclists out there -- I heard my fair share of "on your left" as my slow ass was passed last weekend -- but the dicks, just like in driving, ruin it for everyone else.