Friday, May 7

Apparently, my happy place is a fictional Cape town

Various things have conspired this week to make me less than happy, though I thought my awesometastic weekend in Cincinnati had set me up for a good week. Well, the travel did make me tired. And work is definitely in an interesting transitional mode right now. Plus varied and sundry things including but not limited to: money, traffic, and the sad, sad state of the world. Bygones. The point is this: When shit comes down the pike, it's time to put in the Dawson's Creek, bitches.

It's important that you start with the second half of season three, when Pacey realizes that Joey is his one true love. And he's all Pacey! And he buys her a wall! And Dawson is a butt and has a big head. But Pacey! Sigh. The critical thing to remember, though, is this: Turn that shit off before it goes bad. Just like in Top Gun, you have to know when to stop. And that time is episode 414: A Winter's Tale. Everything after that is downhill, until you get to the last 2 minutes of the series finale. I'm here to help, people.


Patricia Elizabeth Arriaza said...

I was never a true DC fan but they nearly sucked me back in when Pacey and Joey became an item. They were just so freaking cute together. And I love that they ended up together.

Jen said...

I admit to being a total sucker for Joey and Pacey -- I just fastforward through all the boring other parts.

And it was all the witty banter! You know, witty for teenagers.

Carolyn said...

you have just described the exactly perfect pacey's pond seasons that I love just as much as you. :) oh except i like watching the entire series finale.

Jen said...

Well, to be fair, I don't have the season finale on DVD, so I'm only going on my memory of watching it when it first aired.