Tuesday, May 4

A guy, a girl, two punk kids, and a hamburger place

So, I get on the 5 tonight, and the helpful traffic sign informs me that it will take approximately 61 minutes to get to Lynnwood from Seattle. Now, folks, you may not be from around here, but that's 13 miles. And usually, on a bad traffic night, the little sign informs me it will take 32 minutes. Or 26. Or something completely fucking reasonable. So, after sitting for 25 minutes to crawl three miles, I get off at the mall and call J.R. to suggest he meets me there for dinner (the southbound lanes were moving just fine). I notice a Five Guys burger joint on my way into the parking lot, and since we've been wanting to try it for a while, we decide to eat our healthy evening repast there. I kill some time at the Barnes & Noble, buy a book (or two), and then we head over to stick our faces in some fucking delicious burgers and fries.

I have to say, I still give the nod to Fatburger as my burger of choice, but Five Guys was damn good. And the fries were superb. Also, I dig any place that has malt vinegar available for my own personal use.


Patricia Elizabeth Arriaza said...

I've never been to Fatburger but I do know that Five Guys is much better than that other celebrated burger place: In N Out. I said as much on Frienfeed months and months ago and it led to a Five Guys meetup. :) The internets are funny sometimes.

J.R. said...

Agreed. In-n-out sux! 5Guys is way better. OK now I'm hungry. When's dinner?