Monday, May 31

It's all downhill from here

I was all excited because I thought my blogging was back on track, but clearly I was wrong. One of the good/bad things about being totally on Blogger now: I can easily see how many posts I've written in a month. Last month: 12. This month? Less than 12. Damn. Of course, all of that is a pale shadow compared to April 2003, when I posted 67 times. 67! What the hell did I have to say? Probably nothing, much like today.

I wanted to write more about my trip to Boston, and how good it was to see my friends, and hang out with my family, and really, why was it so freaking hot in early May? But I didn't. And I didn't post my pictures (not that I took that many). And I didn't write reviews of books I've read. And I didn't talk about the difficult decision on whether or not to independently purchase dental insurance. You see what I'm keeping you from, people? Intense boredom. You're welcome.


Patricia Elizabeth Arriaza said...

I know the feeling. I look back to the archives too and wonder why I ever thought people would be interested. But, oh, I don't know. Why is anybody interested in anything?

Erin said...

May was a slow blogging month for me too. Ugh. I remember trying (and failing after six months) to do Blog 365 and I kind of miss those days but at the same time how much can I say about sitting at home and staring at my computer all day?

Though the decision about dental insurance actually sounds interesting. I wish I had dental insurance.

Anonymous said...
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