Wednesday, June 2

Thoughts upon sitting through Seattle traffic yet again

Look, dude, no one is going anywhere. Stop changing lanes like you will get there faster! You won't. I promise. Do I say "dude" too much for a woman my age? There is nothing better than passing the douche in the Aveo who cut you off 2 miles before. What should I have for lunch today? No matter how many trucks threaten to run me over, no one can take away the joy I have in that little plinking, cowbell-block noise at the beginning of Honky Tonk Women. Also? I have great taste in music. Though this mix is kind of old. When did I make it? I should make a new mix. Some form of bread product with butter is the best breakfast. And sometimes lunch. Add cheese, dinner! Hmm, what should I have for lunch today? Who invented commuting? Are they still alive? I will kill them. I will never remember all this for my blog post.

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