Sunday, July 18

Show of shows

Today, we pretty much rocked Las Vegas. First, we saw the Mac King Comedy Magic Show, which I have to say, was pretty fucking fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of magic (though J.R. has a few tricks that I love), but this was the perfect blend of "how'd he do that?" with many laughs and a few surprises along the way. It didn't hurt that he picked J.R. to help him with a trick up on stage (which J.R. handled quite capably).

Then we hit the strip for a few kid-friendly stops, including but not limited to the lion exhibit at the MGM Grand, the giant M&M's World, and the Coke store (with a ride up the giant Coke bottle just for fun). Dinner, and then we were off to see Cirque du Soleil's O. Also really, really good. (Though in a completely different way than Mac King. Oddly enough.)

To top off the evening, we stepped outside into the balmy 100+ heat and watched the fountain show at the Bellagio. So cool. And not just because random winds would blow some mist my way every now and again. Also not because it was in Ocean's Eleven. (Okay, partly because it was in Ocean's Eleven.) It really was beautiful, and it made me giggle with childish wonder a few times. I'm just saying.

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