Wednesday, July 7

When you're riding 16 hours, and there's nothing much to do

I was driving along my usual route this morning -- the same route I've been driving since January -- and I reached a point in the road where I could swear I'd never been before. I'd never seen any of it. Was it the sunlight making everything look different? Was it because previously I had been going faster at that point? Or slower? Obviously, I'd been there. Many, many times. And yet, it was all unfamiliar. And I have to wonder what else I've missed, what else has passed me by when I was fiddling with the radio or swearing at the guy who cut me off. How much more of the world won't I see?


J.R. said...

Or somebody cut some trees down overnight.

They do that.

Anonymous said...

But I think that's so true, we pass by so much we don't actually see, sorta sad really. Maybe this will make you look more often, but maybe not, human nature keeps us otherwise the time I drove the entire 128 part of my journey home from Bentley and didn't even realize it, it was like I woke up when I reached route 3 and had to turn, scary!
But they do cut things down.