Tuesday, September 28

A championship parade, 2 out of town guests, and one busy girl

Man, I'm spent. We went to the Storm championship parade, and it was fantastic. Sure, it was pouring rain and I was soaking wet before we even saw the first hints of the Storm players, but it was still worth it. Sure, this is also old, old news, but I know how you people care about my Storm life. And how much you love to look at my crappy photos taken in the rain.

After the parade on Friday night, we spent Saturday cleaning in preparation for my awesome friend Rachel's impending visit. She brought her sister, Sarah, with her for good measure, and it was a Wellesley mini-reunion in my living room! Also, good times. Unfortunately, I had to work all week, but we still got to hang out at night and do random touristy things on the weekend, including but not limited to: go to the top of the Space Needle (my first time!), and hike up to Rattlesnake Ledge, where there were no rattlesnakes but there were amazing views.

In sum: I'm tired. But happy.

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