Sunday, November 14


We got the new Kinect for the Xbox 360 (because really, why wouldn't we?), and I have to admit, it's pretty fun. I don't get frustrated with it the way I do with the Wii (because I can't seem to get the arm motions right), though to be fair, we only have Kinect Adventures to play with. I'm hoping to get one of the workout games, because, let's face it, I am a total achievement whore, and I will do anything -- even work out -- to get gamer points. Bygones.

The point is this: the Kinect is pretty freaking fun. And even though it's just a "play" title and not a specific workout, I actually do work up a sweat playing Kinect Adventures (though that may just be a sad commentary on my out-of-shapedness). My main criticism would be how much space you need to play it correctly. We've just barely eked out enough space for one-person playing, and I think the real fun in the Kinect will be in multiplayer options. We're going to reconfigure our TV area (and buy an attachment so we can put the sensor on top of the TV), and hopefully, that will give us another foot or two of playing space. On the whole though, I give it the thumbs up.


Erin said...

Pfft. I firmly believe that games like Wii Cheer and Wii Fit count as workouts--they're far more workouty than most games!

Jen said...

Oh, I've worked up a sweat on some Wii games, as well. The Kinect just makes it a little bit easier because I don't have to use a controller.

Erin said...

Ooops... I didn't mean that Wii is better. I just meant that games that get you up and moving totally count as workouts (regardless of system) :)