Saturday, January 1

Brand new year

I'm not much for resolutions, as I inevitably fail at them and feel like a loser, so I'm not making any predictions for 2011. I have aspirations -- the usual eat better, exercise more, blog regularly, write a novel, clean the house on some kind of semi-regular schedule that doesn't involve "shit, someone's coming over, get out the vacuum" moments. And I want to organize my socks. But I make no promises, people. The last few months have been a blur, so, if nothing else, I'd like to notice more, experience my life as it's happening. And have the right hair. I, of course, have the wrong hair.

Happy 2011, people.

1 comment:

David Johnsen said...

"blog regularly"

Yeah, I was starting to worry about you. I was afraid you OD'd on Christmas cookies -- or worse, on Barbra Streisand!