Sunday, March 6

A little rampant consumerism never hurt anyone

We went to Silver Platters today because I've been wanting to pick up the new Lori McKenna and Lucinda Williams (what J.R. refers to as my "sad-ass chick music"). As I expected, they had both, so I snatched them up, and then somehow ... I kept shopping. Oh, here's the new Drive-By Truckers that was on Justified the other night. And here's that Shannon McNally CD I've been wanting for years. And the Beth Orton I've been looking for. And hey, when did Ben Folds collaborate with Nick Hornby on an album? I am so buying that with a quickness. And before I knew it, I have seven CDs in my hot little hands. Payday can be a dangerous thing, people.

And thus far, I've only listened to half of the Lori McKenna, and I love it. Love.


J.R. said...

See I'm getting an iPad.

Also I call it angry chick music.


Melanie said...

sounds like my belated birthday mix is going to be amazing! :)

Jen said...

M, this has thrown your belated birthday mix into a tailspin. So many good songs! What to fit on that tiny CD?