Wednesday, June 8


Inspired by Duff, I will catch y'all up on the movies I've watched in the past few weeks.

OnDemand: Adam and Salt. Adam was sweet and slow and nice. I thought the ending was a bit weak (so hard to balance between wrapping it up and leaving it open, and too often the movies (and books and TV) want to wrap it up, explain what happens next, give you a finished story, when some stories don't need that. Would any studio allow Gone With the Wind to simply end with Scarlett looking ahead to "tomorrow"?) Bygones. Salt had no such problems, because it was predictable and action-y and Angelina-Jolie-y. Both movies were worth the no money I spent on them, for different reasons.

Regular movie theater: Bridesmaids. Unlike Duff, I enjoyed this movie, though there were moments of cringe-worthy non-humor that I could have done without. It was not perfect, but I did laugh and some of the interactions between Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig reminded me of some of Jen and I's finer moments in sheer doofery. Also (SPOILER), Wilson Phillips' appearance reminded me of the best days of 8th grade. Worth the two hours just for that.

Awesome, kick-ass expensive fancy movie theater: Hangover Part II. I'm not sure if it was the reclining plush seats, the waitress bringing me fresh Cokes, or the company, but I had a great time at this movie. Sure, I knew what was going to happen (most of the time), and sure, there was a lot of sexist, gross humor. And yet. The laughter.


Carolyn said...

"Adam". Why do I not know of this movie? I cannot for the life of me picture what it is.

Jen said...

Adam is a little indie movie about a man with Aspberger's who falls in love with his neighbor (Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne). It was sweet.