Friday, June 10

The wonderment of words

I want to say I am feeling quotidian this week, and I while I pretty much always feel ordinary and commonplace, what I mean is: full of quotes, eager to quote. Like this passage from Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping:
And any present moment was only thinking, and thoughts bear the same relation, in mass and weight, to the darkness they rise from, as reflections do to the water they ride upon, and in the same way they are arbitrary, or merely given. Anyone that leans to look into a pool is the woman in the pool, anyone who looks into our eyes is the image in our eyes, and these things are true without argument, and so our thoughts reflect what passes before them.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting quote, maybe I'm showing ignorance here but could you explain what it means? Or is that specific to each person who reads it?