Friday, July 8

Topped out

Earlier this week, Eric Stoltz gave me a book with poetry in it. No, not a book of poetry – a book that had a poem inscribed in it. Sure, this was all in a dream, but it was still quite nice of him. As you may know, I am a big Stoltz fan, due primarily to his exemplary work in Some Kind of Wonderful, a movie I love, love, love with a soundtrack that inspires similar feelings of adoration. (If you must know, I have the soundtrack on vinyl, cassette tape, CD and mp3. It’s a sickness.) Bygones. The point is this: While I also own the VHS and DVD copies of the movie, I did not know until yesterday that there was a special collector’s edition available. I know. My ignorance is shocking. And while I quickly threw that bad boy in my virtual shopping cart, I still somehow feel like I’ve betrayed my SKOW-fandom. To that end, I was all, “I should make a top 5 Eric Stoltz movie list!” as I have been wont to do with other actors in the past. When I tried to compile said list, however, I came up a little short. It went something like this:
1. Some Kind of Wonderful
2. Mask
Fuck. I know I’ve seen more Stoltz movies than that. I looked over his filmography, and there were definitely other movies in there that I had seen – okay, yes, The Waterdance was fabulous (and before Helen Hunt got really annoying). And I know I saw Bodies, Rest & Motion although I don’t remember much about it, and it’s the same thing for Kicking and Screaming. After reviewing the complete works of Mr. Stoltz, I’ve come to realize there are many movies of his I haven’t seen. And most of the movies I have seen aren’t really starring roles for him. That said, I’ve gone back to the list:
1. Some Kind of Wonderful
2. Mask
3. The Waterdance
4. The House of Mirth
5. Say Anything/Singles (I have to include his cameos as the Lakeside Rooster/Mime, because, despite their brevity, they are awesome.)
(Note: It required much strength and fortitude to not put Some Kind of Wonderful on there twice.)

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Leslie said...

He was also in Pulp Fiction