Sunday, February 12

I am trying to break your heart

BlurredIt is a sign of both my workload and my impending old age that I was so thrilled yet terrified at the same time to go to the Wilco concert this week -- on a school night! This was my birthday present from J.R., but since Jeff Tweedy et al don't perform according to my personal calendar, we had to actually wait until they showed up at the Paramount this week. It was worth the wait. I haven't been to an actual concert in ages -- small shows, sure. But a concert? I think my last one was Ben Folds in 2005, which was a long, long time ago when I was younger and had less delicate ears. Bygones. The point is this: Wilco was fucking fantastic. They rocked it hardcore, and those bitches can play. Sadly, they didn't play some of my favorite drippy slow sad songs, but I understand the rationale behind their set list. I highly recommend you see them if they're ever in your neighborhood.

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